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Answers to questions about registering and login
I've registered already. Why can't I login?
Most often the problem is:



  1. Cookies. You need to have cookies enabled to login. Why do we need cookies? So that we can make this a members only site.
  2. Password incorrectly entered. Your password is case sensitive, meaning that you need to put in upper case or lower case letters according to how you originally set your password.
  3. Forgotten Password. See the below FAQ for how to ‘reset password’.
  4. Forgotten Username. This is NOT your first and last name. It was the username you entered on registration form. If you still cannot remember, use the ‘reset password’ – see FAQ below. The email that will be sent to you will contain your username. Make a careful note of it. (You do not have to change your password if you know it!)
  5. If you still have problems please email me as I can help.
I forgot my password. What do I do now?
Follow these instructions: